What is a Roles & Responsibilities Of a Tour Manager Towards a Customers By “ Trip Inventor.”

 For Travel Agents and Tour Operator

You are representing Trip inventor or any other firm which is an international company of high repute. The reputation of the company in general is in your hands. It is your duty to act as an Ambassador of the company and ensure fantastic positive results.
1.      Ensure the passenger is comfortable and enjoying every moment of the tour, your performance will be evaluated by the “Feedback Form" received from the passenger.
2.      Be well informed about the destination you will be accompanying the tour to. You should be in a position to handle any queries & questions.
3.      Operating the tour within the stipulated budget.
4.      On completion of the tour, giving your ideas / suggestions/ recommendations to make future tours a greater success.
5.      Reconfirm all airline seats on arrival at the overseas destination as well as reconfirm all sightseeing tours and rooming lists with the overseas agent.

Airport Facilitation.
a) Make the group sit in. the lounge area so they do not hamper the check-in procedure.
b) Keep the exact amount of the airport tax if applicable, in an envelope.
c) If any seat requests made, ensure that the same is provided.
d) Ensure that the airline tags all baggage.
e) Count all baggage counterfoils and boarding passes before leaving the airline counter.
f) Ensure you have all air tickets and passports before leaving the airline counter.
g) Assisting passengers through immigration and customs.
h) Assisting passengers on board the aircraft with any queries they may have. Also assist
them in filling up the disembarkation forms.
i)  In case you do not travel with the group, please inform passengers of formalities, facilities,
emergency  contacts, name of the Tour Manager at the next destination.


a) Rooms - ensure rooms provided by the hotel are as per the requirement i.e-singles/ doubles/ triples /suites.
b) Check-in - Make an announcement in the coach as you near the hotel / in the lobby, prior to the passengers going up to their rooms, that you are waiting in the lobby for the next 15 minutes, thus if they have any problem with their room, they should immediately come down and notify you. Promptly change the room - in such cases try and obtain a room with a better view and personally go and check the room yourself.
c) Keys - the Tour Manager to request the passengers to be seated while he coordinates with the reception for the rooming list and room keys.
d) Luggage - Please ensure that all bags are properly labeled and tagged for easy identification at the airport and at the hotel. A baggage count should be maintained upon departure and arrival at each city.
e) Meals - Please ensure that you call the restaurant in advance for every meal and reconfirm the menu and timing along-with the number of vegetarian / non-vegetarian meals. Good food is a major criteria  for the success of a tour.
i) If the tour program covers more than one day in a particular city, please ensure that the meals are varied.
ii) Personally check the meal venue, location well in advance so you can guide./ inform the passengers.
iii)  Check / recheck meal timings and ensure passengers adhere to these timings.
iv) Phone the restaurant 30 minutes in advance to ensure that tables are set, buffet is laid out and the seating place for the group has been blocked.
v)  Be alert to individual dietary requirements if any. If necessary make on the spot amendments / additions / requests, to fit in with the budget.
vi) Never eat or drink other than what is in the group menu.
f)  Daily Program Chart- display the chart in an easily visible location e.g.- the lobby indicating the daily program with the timings of meals, sightseeing tours and other details. Ensure the group is aware of the chart and its location. Timings may have to be reviewed on an ongoing basis. The daily program chart is also to be read out on the coach .prior to arriving into a particular city so that passengers are aware of the schedule.
g)  Set timings for all events and ensure these are adhered to:
i) Breakfast one hour before departure from the hotel.
ii) Lunch approx 1300 hrs. ( duration one hour)
iii) Dinner approx 2000 hrs. ( duration one hour)
iv ) Wake up call — 30 —45 minutes before breakfast / 01 hour before baggage collection if
departing for the airport.

v) Recommend you advise the group of timings on a daily basis.
h)  Suggest Announcements:
a) At breakfast, remind the group of the city tour/departure from hotel, time.
b) At lunch, remind the group of the afternoon tour and dinner time.
c) At dinner, the next morning's wake up call and breakfast time or bags out time, etc.

i) Closely liaise with the hotel group co-ordinator for all requirements.
j)  Check-out - ensure you are in the lobby and co-ordinate well in advance with the concierge for luggage collection. Bell-boys tend to be slow. Allow for 45 minutes for collection of bags for a group size of 25-30 passengers.
k) Before check-out ensure:
i) All bills are thoroughly checked and signed.
ii) All extras paid by passengers before departure.
iii) All room keys handed in before departure.
iv) If the group departure is early in the morning, the tour leader to request for all bills to be
ready  for checking the previous night.
v) If the group departure is during the day, then 2-3 hours prior to group's departure.


a)Ensure transport reports to you 15-30 minutes in advance to the departure timing.

b)Note the vehicle number and names of drivers, guides, etc. and location of parking. Establish
    a formal but polite working rapport so they assist you.

c)Instruct the coach driver to be at a fixed location so you can easily locate/ liaise with him
    when the coach is required at the entrance for boarding.

1.      Mike functions well.
2.      Coach is clean from the   outside and inside — the seats, ashtrays and the aisle  area.
3.      Curtains neat and well fitted with fastenings.
4.      If air-conditioned, the same should be effective.
5.      The mike and air-conditioning to be switched on in advance, and check that the same is functioning  well.

e) Guide - ensure you have the guide's co-operation at all times. Be firm if need be to ensure that the group gets the best out of the guide. Encourage the guide to narrate local folklore along with history-it is more interesting.

f) Maintain the group headcount at all times. No one should be left behind at a hotel / monument / airport due to an oversight.

g) Before everyone alights from the coach, make a reminder announcement to collect all belongings before disembarking. However, you must personally check nothing is left on board when signing off the coach at the en of the duty.


The Tour Manager to tip the hotel staff and coach driver as per the tipping schedule laid down for each tour.

Payments to Overseas Agents

a)   The Tour Manager to collect from the passengers the full amount in foreign exchange as per the
"Passenger Cash Collection Sheet" given by the Operation Manager. (Annexure TM 1) and also keep
an account of the cash collected.

b )  The Tour Manager to make payment to the overseas tour operator, on arrival as per the "Overseas
Tour Operator Payment Schedule" (Annexure TM 3) and obtain a receipt for the payment made.

c)   The Tour Manager to be given specific instructions as to the amount to be spent on a particular tour
as  per  the "Tour Manager's Expense Budget"(Annexure TM 2).

Financial Liability

1.      The Tour Manager agrees and confirms that any deviation in respect of any terms and conditions of this Agreement by the Tour Manager will be liable forlegal action and termination of this Agreement with immediate effect by  Trip Inventor .

2.      Furthermore the Tour Manager agrees that no dues will be settled  by Trip inventor for breach of any terms and conditions of this Agreement as mentioned in the aforesaid clause 12 (a).


a) To check with group members on aspects of rooms, meals  etc or if they have any specific

b) Get to know group members as individuals. This adds a personal touch. Avoid special attention to
any  individuals  as It  may  not  be  seen  favorably  by  the  other  group  members.

c)  Always carry a rooming list on you. You never know when you need it.

d) The Tour Manager must accompany the group on sightseeing tours and to meals which are part of
the   tour.

e) Make a note of a passenger's birthday/ anniversary while on tour and arrange to have flowers and
cake sent up to his room. Or preferably celebrate at the end of a meal.

f) Dealing with emergencies like sickness, _loss of passport, ticket and difficult passengers on the tour.

g) Organizing and conducting entertainment on board, coach and in the hotel.

h) A Tour Manager is not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages at any time on the tour. If at any given time it is noticed either by the passengers or any
Senior member of the company your services will be terminated on the spot and no compensation or dues will be paid.

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